Detergent and Soap Technologies

Number Ref. # Production Units ex.-works-price
050100 Ami/2000-1864 Laundry and toilet soap production plant EUR 1.154.800
050200 Ami/2000-1867 Shampoo production plant EUR 332.000
050300 Ami/2000-1868 Lotion production plant EUR 288.000
050400 Ami/2000-1881 Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) USD subject to inquiry
050500 Ami/2000-1882 LAB (Superlab) USD subject to inquiry
050600 Ami/2000-2037 Powdered detergent production plant USD 2.970.000
050700 Ami/2000-2038 Powdered dishwasher detergent production plant (Pounds Sterling) USD 230.000
050800 Ami/2000-2044 Washing powder production + packing unit DM SOLD
050900 Ami/2000-2156 Used toilet soap production unit EUR 136.000
051000 Ami/2000-2163 Second hand 40 t/h detergent production plant USD SOLD
051100 Ami/2000-2181 Used soap manufacturing equipment SOLD
051200 Ami/2000-2211 Machinery for toilet soap finishing subject to inquiry
051300 Ami/2000-2225 Used Soap and Glycerine Plant subject to inquiry
051400 Ami/2000-121 2 Soap production lines EUR 500.000,