Beverage Technologies

Number Ref. # Production Units ex.-works-price
020200 Ami/2000-1829 WPF Press 20 tons / hour apples EUR 272.000
020300 Ami/2000-1830 Citrus processing line for the extraction of essential oil
(to be separated) and juice (new)
EUR 453.000
020400 Ami/2000-1835 Citrus processing line (new) (Italian Lira) Lira 5.274.490.000
020500 Ami/2000-1886 Production line for filling bottles with mineral water EUR 539.000
020600 Ami/2000-1887 Production line for filling juice bottles, etc. (glass) EUR 817.000
020700 Ami/2000-1888 Complete PVC bottle making machine, Fillers and packers for mineral water EUR 472.000
020800 Ami/2000-1894 Bottle filling line for mineral water EUR 908.000
020900 Ami/2000-1923 Labeling and filling unit for brewery EUR 234.000
021000 Ami/2000-1926 Brewery equipment EUR 128.000
021100 Ami/2000-1951 Concentration Plant for Pineapple Juice (New equipment) CHF 1.495.000
021200 Ami/2000-1953 Complete Brewery Equipment EUR 4.333.000
021300 Ami/2000-1954 Brewery EUR 4.333.000
021500 Ami/2000-1975 Filling Station for Fruit Juices Capacity 9300 pouches (200ml)/hour EUR 2.415.000
021600 Ami/2000-1990 Fruit Juice production and filling unit:
I) Production Line II) Filling station
EUR 762.000
021700 Ami/2000-1992 Fruit Juice Filling Plants:
I) non-returnable bottles II) returnable bottles III) Packing unit
EUR 1.189.000
021800 Ami/2000-2027 Champagne Production and Filling Plant EUR 2.056.000
021900 Ami/2000-2103 Bottle Filling and Capping Machine for Mineral Water plus Labeling Machine subject to inquiry
022000 Ami/2000-2146 Lager Brewery EUR 556.000,
022100 Ami/2000-136 Fruit juice concentration unit incl. tin-pack + frozen food EUR 1.556.000,
022200 Ami/2000-123 2 used prod. lines for ALCOHL and Brandi EUR 278.000,
022300 Ami/2-152 Water filteration and desalination units from 5 to 800 Cbm/h on special request

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