Construction Machinery Technologies

Number Ref. # Production Units ex.-works-price
300100 Ami/2000-1853 Marble processing plant .. .. (Italian Lira) LIT 2.834.080.000
300200 Ami/2000-2055 Used earth mooving and construction equipment USD subject to inquiry
300300 Ami/2000-2056 Various Used Cranes USD subject to inquiry
300400 Ami/2000-2058 Roadheading Machine T1.30 (E 301) DM subject to inquiry
300500 Ami/2000-2059 Second Hand Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps DM subject to inquiry
300600 Ami/2000-2060 Second Hand Portable Concrete Pumps DM subject to inquiry
300700 Ami/2000-2061 Second Hand Mixer Pumps DM subject to inquiry
300800 Ami/2000-2117 Used Jumbo drilling equipment Atlas Copco DM subject to inquiry
300900 Ami/2000-2186 Used construction equipment DM subject to inquiry
301000 Ami/2000-2206 Two caterpillar loaders 960F & 966F (1994) DM 489.480
301100 Ami/2000-2210 Used mobile crane equipment (11 units) DM subject to inquiry
301999 Ami/2002-9999 Specialities:

  • All types of trucks.
  • All types of loaders.
  • All types of front loaders.
  • All types of dumpers.
  • All types of mixers.
  • All types of baching plants.
  • Cement plant ……………. 5 Mio. to/year.
  • Tiles plant ………………… 10.000 sqm/day
  • Complete package For constuction of damms.
  • Complete package For constucrion of high ways and autobahns.
  • Complete package For contruction of mines and tunnels.
  • Asphalt plants.
  • Asphalt re-cycling plants.
  • Compelte line for pre-fabricated homes.
  • Compelte line for low cost housing.
  • Complete line for production of windows(PVC).
  • Compelte line for production of windows( Aluminium ).
  • Compelte line for production of doors( wood and Aluminium ).
  • Production line for gypsum plates.
  • Production line for tiles…………. 5 Mio. Sqm/year.
  • San-Lime production lines.
  • Brick manufacturing line.
  • Production line for splitting lines( burnning above sintering point for hard surface ).
  • Wall papeer manufacturing line.
  • Cement production line.
  • Gypsum production line.
  • Marbel production lines.
  • Marbel tiles production lines.
  • Complete set for low cost housing manufacturing line.
  • Complete line for float gals production line.
  • Compelte line for glas tiles.
  • Manufacturing line for doors( Aluminium, Wood, PVC ).
  • Manfacturing line for windows( Aluminium, wood, PVC ).