Printing Technologies

Number Ref. # Production Units ex.-works-price
350100 Ami/2000-1970 Rotary Print Machine and Flat Bed Screen Printer USD 1.487.000
350200 Ami/2000-1981 Common Impression Flexographic Printing Press “SOLOFLEX” equipped with 6 color units subject to inquiry
350300 Ami/2000-2050 Used Printing Machinery subject to inquiry
350400 Ami/2000-2051 Used Printing Machinery subject to inquiry
350500 Ami/2000-2052 Used Letterpress Rotary Machine EUR 307.000
350600 Ami/2000-2225 Used newspaper printing plant SFR 1.500.000
350700 Ami/2000-550 New Heidelberg S-Offset, singel col EUR 125.000
350800 Ami/2000-140.10 Heidelberg , Komori on request
350900 Ami/2000-140.9 Roland Heidelberg on request
351000 Ami/2000-140.8 Mueller, Sanden, Tayo, Giebler on request
351100 Ami/2000-140.7 Fischer & Kreke, BIELLONI, CARRARO on request
351200 Ami/2000-140.5 Mindmöller&H;ölscher, Fischer&Krecke; on request
351300 Ami/2000-140.4 New paper printing, MAN, Frankenthal etc. on request
351400 Ami/2000-140.3 Heidelber/Roland/Polar/Rotaprint on request
351500 Ami/2000-140.2 Roland /Heidelberg on request
351600 Ami/2000-140.1 Heidelberg/Roland on request
351700 Ami/2000-1.3 Heildeberg on request
351800 Ami/2000-1.2 Offset units, 1, 2 and 4 colour Roland/Sormz etc. on request
351900 Ami/2000-1.1 1 to 6 colour presses Heidelebrg/SORM/ROLAND on request

  • News paper printing units.
  • Printing ink production.
  • Book printing systems.
  • Notebook production lines.
  • Lamination units.
  • Special foiles printing units.
  • Printing units for metal sheets.
  • Printing units for plastic sheets.
  • Offset units.
  • Special printing units for Money, credit cards, high security cards.
on request